Judo Organisations  

British Judo Association (BJA)
There are some excellent resources on this site from Judo’s National Governing body

 www.bjaeasternarea.co.uk BJA Eastern Area
Find out what is going on in our local area
 www.ijf.org International Judo Federation
The worldwide governing body of Judo
www.eju.net European Judo Union
 Grading support & other Judo information 
JuniorMonGradeSyllabusPictorialGuide  Mon grade pictorial guide
Shows (with pictures) grading requirements for juniors
SeniorKyuGradeSyllabusPictorialGuide  Kyu grade pictorial guide
Shows (with pictures) grading requirements for seniors up to Brown belt

Kai Syllabus

Mon Grading Syllabus

Kyu Grading Syllabus

MJC syllabus for younger players

BJA Technical grading syllabus
Full syllabus details, with terminology

 www.britishjudo.org.uk/applyrenew-online  Apply / Renew online
Apply for BJA membership or renew using this link

 Judo Info
An interesting site with lots of general Judo information

Hajime-Matte assessment

Hajime-Matte information

Hajime Matte Model

The way the BJA measure perfomance players

Merchandise (NB. Suits can be purchased at club) 



MJC hoodies, T-shirts and Poloshirts from: HFL House, 1 Saxon Way, Melbourn, CAMBS, SG8 6DN – 01763 261336

 www.blitzsport.com/Disciplines/Judo  Blitz Sport
 www.fightingfilms.com  Fighting films


 www.grapplingstore.com  Grappling store
Australian merchandise website, with some interesting stuff
Other useful links  
www.enavanttherapy.co.uk En Avant Therapy

Sports injury specialist Fay Triggs (faye@enavanttherapy.co.uk)