Chief Instructor and Head Coach – Junior Club
Iain Reid – 1st Dan UKCC Level 3 Coach
I started judo at school in Scotland in 1975 at an after school club run by my Physics teacher (3rd Dan). I also joined the local club in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, called KanoKwai. This was the era of the TV series ‘Kung Fu’ starring David Carradine, when lots of kids wanted to take up martial arts. I continued Judo at Glasgow University and then at Hatfield Polytechnic, where I met Lesley and was introduced to Melbourn judo club at the summer schools. I represented Hatfield Polytechnic in the Men’s Team event at the British Universities Judo Championships. We won bronze in 1989 at Crystal Palace and gold in 1990 in Glasgow. This was special, as the medals were presented by Nobuyuki Sato, former Japanese team coach and personal coach of Yamashita

 HamishCameron  Head Coach – Senior Club
Hamish Cameron – 2nd Dan UKCC Level 2 Coach
I started Judo in 1982 in a north Bedfordshire village club, I have competed regionally and have won several medals as a junior and one as a senior. With my work I have lived in many different places in the UK and had great experience of many different Judo clubs. My most memorable experience was getting my 1st Dan, which was not an easy win and very hard work getting points. I joined Melbourn JC in 2000 where I have been an active senior member. Thanks to the encouragement of other members and the club I became a fully qualified club coach about two years ago and have enjoyed giving back to the club by taking senior sessions. I am still an active player and like to participate, I won promotion to my 2nd  Dan in December 2006
 LesleyReid  Lesley Reid – 3rd Dan UKCC level 2 Coach
I bought myself out of Ballet to take up Judo at the age of 5. I was an assistant coach at my home club in Chalfont St. Peter from the age of 16 and started up Hatfield Polytechnic judo club when I was a student there in the 1980s. I was very proud to be awarded the BJA’s “Children’s coach of the year” in September 2009
.Until recently, my best achievement in Judo was a Bronze medal at the British Closed and a place in the England squad in 1986 and I was National Student Champion on two occasions. In January 2010, I returned to competitive Judo to train for the 2012 Paralympics. I won bronze and silver medaIs at the VI world championships, but later found that my sight was not bad enough to allow me to compete at London 2012.
I won my 2nd bronze in the British Closed and a silver in the Commonwealth champioships in January 2012, before retiring again (may be)
 BruceParcel  Bruce Parcel – 1st Kyu Instructor